Sunday, 5 November 2017

Arts reflection

This term for the arts we have been looking at dance and drama. I have placed my learning at relational because I can create a work that communicates an idea/story that captures the heart of Waimairi.

During our dance we used lots of elements such as up and down, backwards, forwards, twisting, turning and many more types of elements. I would say using these elements made the dance way better because it gave more pizazz and it was eye catching.  I think our dance went well. We worked well as a group and we agreed with each other most of the time.

My next step is to work on being able to reflect on and develop my dance or drama further using the elements effectively as well as giving support and practical advice to others.

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Term 3 discovery reflection

This term I've been doing mosaics with the help of  Ella, Daisy, Manisha and my Mum.

My main challenge was being patient to achieve a good result and to find pieces that fit. I overcame my challenges by planning the pieces out before I glued them on.

In term four I look forward to finishing our mosaics and seeing what our creations look like!!!!!!!!!

Monday, 11 September 2017

Evil Ratbag

When you were little, were you an innocent wee darling or an evil ratbag? Well me, I was an evil ratbag at times. I know it's hard to believe looking at me now, but I got up to some mischief.

It all started when I had reached my terrible twos. Back then my cousins lived in Australia and every year we would go and stay at their house for about two weeks. One day, there was a dreadful smell wafting around the house and the whole family was searching high and low to find out where this stench was coming from.

Put yourself in my position, I’m two years old, fresh out of nappies and in a strange house. With a guilty look on my face, I hung my head in shame as Mum came across my little brown surprise I had squished in the back corner of my cousin’s wardrobe. I wondered why there was no toilet paper in there!

How many of us have younger brothers or sisters we love to mess with?

When I was five and my little brother Jackson was three, I found a fairly large suitcase in the garage and that gave me an idea ………..

I told Jackson that I had a game where he hops in the suitcase and I wheel him around and of course he was keen. I thought to myself this plan is coming together perfectly.

He climbed in the suitcase with excitement and prepared for the ride of his life. I zipped it up so there would be no peeking and I started to wheel him down the long driveway. It's surprising how heavy a skinny three year old can be. Lucky the case had good wheels!

Finally I had reached my destination.  I carefully placed the suitcase next to the letterbox then I skipped back inside with an evil smirk on my face………….

As I casually plopped on the couch to watch some tv, Mum and Dad asked me if I knew where Jackson was? “I don't know” I said, but with the guilty grin on my face Mum and Dad knew I was up to something. “Where is Jackson?” Mum repeated. I figured that I had better come clean and let them know that Jackson had wheeled himself out to the letterbox to get picked up by the postie! Mum was so grateful that I told her.

Childhood memories remind you of times that were weird, funny, embarrassing and mischievous. Nowadays everything we do and every place we go, someone will be there to video it, take a photo, or write about it on Facebook. So some of those embarrassing memories we would rather forget will haunt us forever.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Scientific explanation

               How  do planes fly?

How do planes fly? Have you ever wished you could BUT you can't and planes can? I wonder why ?

Lift is a force, lift works against weight. Lift is created mostly by the wings, lift makes objects come  off the ground. Weight works against lift. Weight helps the plane land, it pulls it down to earth. Thrust works against drag. Thrust is generated by the engines to move the aircraft through the air.

Lift and thrust get the plane off the ground.  Thrust holds an aircraft in the air. Drag is important when the plane is landing, drag slows the plane down. Weight is the force that holds the plane to the ground, weight is important when the plane is landing so the plane doesn't stay in the air.

In conclusion it is clear that when planes are flying they must have the four forces working on them. It is clear that humans can't fly because we don't have enough lift and thrust to overcome gravity.

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

High Ropes

I'm standing at the bottom of the ladder looking up thinking to myself that looks really high. My hearts racing, my palms are sweating.  I put my hands on the ladder shaking with anxiety. I start creeping up the ladder rung by rung. Soon enough I'm at the top of the ladder. I watch the buoys swaying, clutching at each one as I step cautiously along the wire, daring not to let go.   Finally I'm at the end. 

 I climb up to the beam that's even higher than the wire.  I practically run across.  As I'm preparing for my descent I remember my goal -doing a pushup on the beam - so I did!
All I could think was, can I trust my friends to lower me down?

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Discovering my whakapapa

My mum's full name is Anita Maria Boyd, she was born in Christchurch, New Zealand on the 11th of February 1977.  

One story that has come down through her family is that my mum's great grandmother married her husband quite late (mid 30’s) because, when her father was dying, she promised him that she would stay and look after her mother.  This meant she didn't have my mum’s nana until she was 41. 

Of all the things Mum learnt from her parent’s some of the most valuable were to save money, buy a house and how to drive.

Daisy and the terrible horrible no good very bad day

Daisy woke up and hadn't got any sleep because her cat was meowing and dancing over her face all night.  As she dragged herself out of bed she tripped and hurt her arm. As she  dressed she noticed a big stain on her blue shirt, so she had ,to wear a red shirt. Right then she knew it was going to be a terrible horrible no good very bad day.

She took too long to eat her breakfast so it was soggy. When she was getting in the car Gretel got in the front first where Daisy usually sits so Daisy had to sit in the middle. When they arrived at school they were doing art and Manisha Seebeck spilt paint on her me cube that she had been working on for ages. She knew this was going to be a terrible horrible no good very bad day.

At lunch she realised she had got Gretel's lunchbox instead of her own. Once she had eaten lunch she decided to go on her ripstick and fell off in front of everyone and hurt the same arm as this morning.  Then lunch finished and it was a maths time. Daisy hated maths as much as she hated tomatoes.

Finally the school day had finished. For dinner they were getting pizza. Daisy looked at all the pizzas and all of them had pineapple on top.  Daisy said “Where's  the salami?” “I ate it all” Gretel said.  “Well can I have some sprite?”  “None left only water” replied Gretel.  “Nooooooo, this is a terrible horrible no good very bad day.”