Wednesday, 24 February 2016

The story of my name

My mum and dad picked my name. This is how they decided on my name.  Two of my great nana's were called Isobel and Valerie.  My mum and dad liked both names but they decided to call me Isabella and my middle name Valerie.
There were four main names that my mum and dad liked, they were Ava, Maia, Amelia and Isabella. My dad only liked Amelia and Isabella, my mum didn't like Amelia as much, so I was called Isabella.
If I was a boy I would have been called Jackson.  My nickname is Izzy because it’s short for Isabella.  The thing I like about my name is that it suits me and it's not posh.



  1. I like that you say this is how they decided it

  2. I love your poem because it's got a lot of good language

  3. That was very interesting i liked that you followed the instructions

  4. That is a very accurate story about how Dad and I picked your name xx