Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Discovery reflection

My favourite activity was craft. We made a house full of little people and we made a games room, a mum and dad's room, a kids room, a lounge and a bathroom.  We are going to make a bar and a kitchen. I enjoyed working with Olive and Ella as before this I hadn’t really worked with Olive that much. I also enjoyed making our creation and we had a really good result. I also learnt how to nearly do a backbend.

Our challenge was sorting out who was bringing the boxes and stuff because at school they didn't have a decent size. When Ella and I decided that we were going to do a games room Olive said she wanted to do it too, so she did it with us. I got my mum to buy a whole lot of stuff so I could do it at home.  Olive said she wanted to do it with me but we sorted it out I only did a little bit at home, and Olive was fine with that.

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