Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Character description

Meet Fred, he has orange curly hair that sticks out the sides and the top, he's fat, short and stubby like a basketball with hands and legs.  He has a big red nose that looks like a red balloon, a fat bottom lip, a hairy mono brow like a bush.  He wears big black shoes, a fat red clown suit and he  he likes the colours pink and purple.  He has a really squeaky voice, squinty dark blue eyes and pale skin. 

Fred twitches randomly, he's weird and he thinks he's funny. He lives in a big house. He usually hangs out at the ice cream shop.  He can do backflips, he's  a gymnastics champion, he's really jumpy and loves bogeys.

Freds typical catch phrase is “What's up bro?” He has are ripped up blanket called Snuggly. He's really loud and destructive. His friends describe him as a rhinoceros because he is so loud and destructive.

Fred usually hangs out at the ice cream shop with Fat Giraffe Girl, Mr Noodle Bum,  Mr Tree Man, Crag and Bruce. 

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