Sunday, 9 April 2017

Daisy and the terrible horrible no good very bad day

Daisy woke up and hadn't got any sleep because her cat was meowing and dancing over her face all night.  As she dragged herself out of bed she tripped and hurt her arm. As she  dressed she noticed a big stain on her blue shirt, so she had ,to wear a red shirt. Right then she knew it was going to be a terrible horrible no good very bad day.

She took too long to eat her breakfast so it was soggy. When she was getting in the car Gretel got in the front first where Daisy usually sits so Daisy had to sit in the middle. When they arrived at school they were doing art and Manisha Seebeck spilt paint on her me cube that she had been working on for ages. She knew this was going to be a terrible horrible no good very bad day.

At lunch she realised she had got Gretel's lunchbox instead of her own. Once she had eaten lunch she decided to go on her ripstick and fell off in front of everyone and hurt the same arm as this morning.  Then lunch finished and it was a maths time. Daisy hated maths as much as she hated tomatoes.

Finally the school day had finished. For dinner they were getting pizza. Daisy looked at all the pizzas and all of them had pineapple on top.  Daisy said “Where's  the salami?” “I ate it all” Gretel said.  “Well can I have some sprite?”  “None left only water” replied Gretel.  “Nooooooo, this is a terrible horrible no good very bad day.”

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